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Recent stories:
July 27, 2014: KIALOA ‘Eleles Score at Molokai 2 Oahu (Full article here)
July 26, 2014: Gillian Gibree – Adventures Down by the Rivers (Full article here)
July 23, 2014: Jenn “WaikikiLove” Rips Makaha (Full article here)
July 2014: Nanaimo 2 Vancouver – Benefits Ruben’s Shoes (Norm Hann) (Full article here)
July 1, 2014: KIALOA ‘Eleles Participate in the Hong Kong Dragon boat Festival (Full article here)
June 13, 2014: KIALOA Paddles launches a July photo contest – SUP with your Dog (Full article here)
June 12, 2014: Lightning Bolt: Passion, Vision and Inspiration (Full article here)May 28, 2014: Naoh Yap: Graduating to Life (Full article here)May 27, 2014: Cyril Burguriere Reviews a Quiver of KIALOA Paddles (Full article here)May 25, 2014: Caroline Angibaud Scores Silver in ISA World Championship (Full article here)

May 20, 2014: Update on 27th Annual Rig Run (Full article here)May 19, 2014: Bodie Shandro Covers It All (Full article here)

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